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About Us

What's behind Culturate.


Stay Connected

We believe that culture, company values, and connected, engaged employees are the most important for companies to thrive, be successful, to attract and retain talent, even more so when people are working remotely or in a hybrid way. 

The world has changed. People has changed in the last two years. Working remotely has become part of our everyday life. But with a talent war out there, companies have to work even harder to keep their employees connected and engaged. 

Providing companies with a solution that helps them achieve that is our goal and passion. 


Creative minds

Sabina Veronika, MBA


When we say that we are passionate about driving new ideas to market and turning them into success stories, we mean it. Meet Sabina Veronika Golob, Culturate`s CEO, and co-founder.


She firmly believes that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. She is passionate about building excellent products and uncovering new market opportunities, leading high-performing rock star teams.


Her experience in business developing, leading, and executing successful business development strategies led her to create a successful Culturate story. An impressive skill set of business development, SaaS product marketing, go-to-market strategy, business modeling and analysis, and team management makes her an incredible CEO. Her knowledge and energy to drive progress from start to finish lead her toward innovation and change. 



Culturate is home to an amazing team with a strong vision to create new ideas and deliver solutions that make a difference. Meet our COO, Apolonija! She has over 20 years of business experience working in finance, HR, and other organizational roles.


She has launched her own business in the past, and she is passionate about creating new ideas and bringing great projects into life.  



Head of Development

Meet Ranko – our super-smart Head of Development! He is a Software architect with 10+ years of experience designing and developing large-scale enterprise solutions in education, finance, insurance, public sector, and startup companies.


Within the Culturate, he helps build and lead strong and functional tech team which develops our top-notch solution. He is known for his organizational, analytical, management, research, development, and implementation skills and for leading various development projects. We are delighted that he is an essential part of development in our Culturate community!  



Product Manager 

Danilo is an awesome Product Manager with extensive knowledge and experience with financing, subsidizing, and developing small and medium enterprises. He is an all-rounder with versatile skills and the ability to prioritize and execute.


He is known for successful problem solving using analytical and structural methods and the use of a process approach when improving workflows. He is most passionate about optimal solutions, learning, and exploring new ways of getting the job done more efficiently.


We are delighted to have him in our team, especially because of his problem-solving, research, communication, and interpersonal skills.  




Goran is an experienced software engineering manager and engineer with a demonstrated history of overseeing and applying technology opportunities to speed up digital transformation and bring innovation to new and existing businesses.


He has previous experience with launching a new business. 



Currently Settled

Opti.Space d.o.o. 

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Opti Space Solutions d.o.o. 

Rijeka, Croatia 

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