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Create a sense of belonging within a hybrid work culture with the right collaborative tools

Boost employee satisfaction and improve both productivity and retention.

AxonJay is an AI tech company that uses machine learning to help companies extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data and a company's behavior in its digital ecosystem. AxonJay's tribe, as the team members call themselves, operates entirely remotely. The company's headquarters and co-living space are in Brussels, Belgium, with employees working in various European countries. 


They use CULUTRATE'S advanced employee directory Connection place to stay connected and see where everyone is located. This overview enables them to cooperate in teams efficiently, regardless of many different work locations.


»It makes everything easier since each tribe member can mark where they will be working on which day (home office, company office, business trip, etc.) and thus let everyone on the team know when and where they will be available,« says Anja Žibert, AxonJay tribe leader.

Lower the risk of employee loneliness and disconnect

Recognize the importance of addressing employee loneliness as potential business costs and recognize that when people are lonely and isolated, they are not performing their best.


Provide connection opportunities where employees can see each other's availability, weekly work schedule and location, and informal meetings and celebrations options.


The right tools for creating these opportunities will help you strengthen the employee's feeling of belonging to the community and company in hybrid work culture.

Make clear communication boundaries by setting clear working hours

Working from home can be a challenge for an employee's focus and can lead to burnout. With so much communication on different channels like Slack or Teams, their deep focus time for effective work can be interrupted too often.

CULTURATE tools integrate with Google Calendar, Slack, and Teams and enable everyone to see each other's real-time status. This provides everyone with information on how and when to reach someone for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Locations View.PNG
Slack Status.PNG


Support new employees to make meaningful connections with colleagues

Welcome new employees and integrate them successfully into the company's hybrid work culture. CULTURATE collaborative tools will help you fill in the disconnection gap to prevent the risk of increased turnover at your organization. Leverage new collaborative tools and strategies to help employees build better relationships by broadcasting their communication and achievements.

A hybrid working company like WaySeven Technologies found two specific problems they had to deal with when they went fully remote in 2020: a lack of community and sharing and the need to help their teams track their daily progress better. They found their solution with the CULUTRATE platform, which helped them bring the best parts of the company culture to life. 



"What makes the Culturate Kudos feature so special is that employees can use them for personalized positive feedback from one to another. The kudos themselves can be set up according to company values and brand image, which makes it a million times easier to keep up that same sense of community we were missing." 


– Maja, WaySeven Communications Manager



Set it up with your favorite collaboration tool

Connect with the apps you are already using to ensure smooth communication.


Live on Slack, coming soon to Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.

Integrated with Google Calendar to make the communication within teams as smooth as possible.


No coding required.

Try Culturate for your team

● Compatible with your favorite collaboration tool.
● A 14-days free trial.
● No coding required.

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