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Discover inspiring stories about how we help companies enhance hybrid culture

Culturate helps companies, teams and HR departments boost employee engagement, drive performance, and achieve company’s goals by building team spirit and rewarding participation. Want to find out how? Listen to customer success stories below. 

Build strong hybrid teams 

Create a sense of belonging for your team and strengthen a positive work culture, where everyone feel appreciated and connected. 


"Culturate has given us the perfect solution to many small issues that didn’t have time to become problems! Most of our employees work remotely and flexibly, especially those with active family lives and time-consuming hobbies.


We wanted to make sure they feel as involved as those that have the will and opportunity to come to the office on a more regular basis, and this is where Culturate came in with the life-saving Water cooler feature!


We moved to almost daily mini-meets that boosted satisfaction and happiness like nothing else, from barely attending online meetings that had to be scheduled weeks in advance. And this is just one of the innovations we got – the Kudos and Scheduling features are just as appreciated. If you have an SME, Culturate is what you need. Trust me.” 

Dejan Babalan 

CCO at WaySeven

Create a positive hybrid culture 

Bring your teams together and enable them to communicate efficiently and frequently, wherever they are. 

“It's super important to be able to bring people together even though they are apart. AxonJay tribe members are located in remote offices all around Europe.. in Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Italy and with Culturate we can always see where and when someone is available for exchanging work-related information or a simple friendly chat.


So even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other we are able to maintain strong bond between us. And that is making all the difference. “


Anja Zibert

Human Relations Tribe Leader, AxonJay 



Try Culturate for your company

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