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Bring out the best in your teams

Stay on top of your culture, so your team can focus on what really matters: doing their best work and staying connected. Culturate is modular so you can pick and choose features that work best for you and your team.


Highlight great work and strengthen your culture

Make everyone feel like a part of the company, satisfied, and connected to each other while building a strong culture. 


Help employees engage, schedule public hangouts and events, share how they are feeling, join group lottery and share recognition of great achievements with others.

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Create a great onboarding experience

An employee's experience starts from the second they join the company. Make sure their experience is smooth and great.


Send automated welcome letters, inform others about new hires so they can welcome them to the team, schedule monthly hangouts for newcomers, and more.


Recognize and celebrate wins

Allow your team to make some noise and acknowledge each other’s victories.


Share Kudos for all to see, or do it privately. All inside your favorite collaboration tool or via email.



Check the mood and well-being of employees

Give your members the option to share and comment on how they are feeling. Pulse helps you stay on top of employees' moods and well-being. 

A tracking mechanism with a simple question that gives the insights you need. No need for long surveys.


Set it to anonymous or to full transparency, whatever works best for your team.


Increase cross-team collaboration

The purpose of office space is being redefined. It should better support team building and connection in a remote or hybrid work environment.  


Face-to-face interactions can hinder if they are not strategically encouraged by work meet-ups and after-work activities. Use public hangouts and boost social interactions in your locations.

Make sure everyone can see what is happening in their location and enable them to create their events to enhance cross-team collaboration.

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Celebrate milestones and never miss one again 

Automatically create moments of connection
around birthdays, work anniversaries, and welcoming new employees with Milestone Recognitions. Give employees a chance to get reminders about these important milestones so they can congratulate each other. Set automated celebration messages that are sent in your name and never miss an important milestone again.

All these events are important milestones in an employee’s year, as well as special connecting moments among the team. 


Get to know your colleagues better

Randomly introduce and virtually connect a group of up to five people. Choose the date, time, and frequency. Make everyone feel included and help employees to get to know each other.


Send and receive invites right into your favorite collaboration tool or via email.



Optimise your days
at the office

Enjoy an overview of where team members are currently working from, what are their work schedules and are they busy or free on any given day of the week, so others can schedule their location, schedule, meetings and coffee dates accordingly — all done with fun colors.

Bring your hybrid or remote teams together while working wherever it suits them best. See everyone's weekly schedule while keeping your privacy intact. 

See workspace availability for all office locations. See employee attendance, and locations and export them to Excel.


Make smarter decisions every day

Easily get the data you need to make informed choices based on your team’s levels of engagement, interactions, productivity, and more.

See the strengths of your employees, engagement levels, and the pulse in the company or in a specific team/department. 


Set it up with your favorite collaboration tool

Connect with the apps you are already using to ensure smooth communication.


Live on Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Integrated with Google Calendar and Okta SSO.


No coding required.

Try Culturate for your team

● Compatible with your favorite collaboration tool.
● A 14-days free trial.
● No coding required.

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