The best way to manage your hybrid work in 2021

Hassle-free hybrid or remote work experience

Best solution for  managing your hybrid workforce, hybrid workspace and distributing funds instantly

Your employees work partially from home, some days a week in the office, some remote, others travel. You put a lot of effort into managing your hybrid teams and their workspaces (meeting rooms, offices, desks, parking). Your offices are often empty and soulless. Sounds familiar? This is a new reality.

Complete overview

Have a complete overview of all employees work locations in one ecosystem. See when someone is available, from where and in which timezone.

Instant Expense and Budget Management

Use virtual cards and assign budget to your employee or entire team. It can be used anywhere. Wow your talents with these extra benefits.

Hybrid Workspace Management

Combine hybrid work with home office, office, HQ and random locations for all your employees. Work from anywhere.

Data Driven Decision -making

Know in real time how your offices are being used, see statistics and plans for the future. See where employees work and plan to work. See all analytics for your employees expenses in real time.


Attract more talent.
Enable hybrid work with ease.

Have a complete overview of where your employees work with real time data. See how your spaces are utilized. Handle all space related costs in one place. Save your money by optimizing the number of work spaces. Grow your team easily, completely flexible with digital dashboards and foresights at any given moment. 

One platform to manage your internal office spaces, meeting rooms, home offices from employees, random locations and allocate funds to your employees instantly. Manage your entire hybrid work requirements in an all-in-one SaaS platform.

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