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1-1 and Group Invites

One-on-one and group invites are perfect for creating quick meeting invites for a remote working team member or the whole team. It is an excellent tool for creating a fast and straightforward invite based on the location employees are working from and their availability. All features are accessible from the Culturate home page in Slack.

Read the instructions below or watch a short video.

Invitees can be chosen from a map in two different ways. You can select only chosen team members or the whole group working from a specific location, for example, the entire team working from Berlin. Creating an invite is very simple, and you can add a personalized message at the bottom of the invite.

Once you confirm the invitation, the invite is sent to Slack automatically if Slack is integrated with the Culturate Workspace. We then create a new private channel within Slack, which is created for this particular meeting, and it will be archived two days after the meeting.

All of the invitees are included in the private meeting channel, where they can accept the invitation, and you can see who will participate in the specific event or not. The group meeting event for your calendar is then created, and you can download it and add it to your existing calendar app.

Section “Invitation sent” shows who was invited, where in this case, all are still pending. This way is one of the fastest to invite people from different locations, depending on whether you will work from the office and invite them to your office.


There are three different ways to see who is coming to the office: one is in the map view, one is in the location view, and one is in the weekly view (covered within the My Schedule feature).


Above example shows which team members will be available at the office on a specific date in Vienna so that you can invite them for a group meeting at the office. You can choose all of them or only one team member from the list, or you can find someone specific in the search bar – for example, Henrietta, which is also located in Vienna. You can also send a group invite to the whole team.


The location view option is a little different, and it enables certain filters like city view, team view, and office type. Here you can see team members, who will work at the office and on which day, and also who will work from the home office or remotely on a particular day. Information about the employee confirmations and booked workplaces are available below. You can invite them and make sure that, for example, everyone at the office gets the invitation for lunch, coffee, after-work drinks, or other meeting types.

The main goal of this feature is to boost micro communication within the team. According to analysts such as McKinsey, this is vital to nurture and build solid virtual and hybrid culture since micro communication increases productivity. One-on-one and group invite feature is very simple to use, and if you are not using Slack, all the meeting invites will arrive in employees' e-mail inbox.

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