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Kudos are a great tool to check the alignment of your employees with company values and will help boost positive reinforcement within the team and motivate team members to give each other more recognition publicly or privately.

Read the instructions below or watch a short video.

Kudos can be used only if you are using Slack and have integrated your Slack workspace with Culturate.

Access to Kudos is available directly in Slack with the Culturate app. Firstly, click on the "Give Kudos" button and select pre-defined Culturate Kudos versions. You can also define new types of Kudos which resonate with your company values and employees.

Once you choose the Kudos type, you can send it to one person or to the whole team. You can also add a personal message to any chosen Kudos. Before you send the Kudos, you can choose the visibility, which can be public or private to the group or a person chosen.

Kudos types can be set according to your company values. Analytics and statistics within specific Kudos type show how strongly your employees are connected to company values.

Your own Kudos can be set up within the application: add and name new company values or edit the existing ones. Different Kudos templates can be assigned to any company value, and their appearance can be adjusted accordingly. Background, ribbon, and text color can be changed for every Kudos template, and different images seen at the bottom right can also be uploaded. Every Kudos can be personalized, so you can make Kudos a part of your brand and reinforce your company culture and values.

Analytics are always available in the analytics section, where you can see all activities for different users. The amount of received and given Kudos can be seen, either according to values or by Kudos types. With this tool, you can see if your employees are connected to company values and how this connection is translated with Kudos by giving recognition of each team member to each other.

Setting Kudos Types and Values.PNG
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