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Recognize every job well done in a hybrid work culture and make your company a happy place

Improve employee motivation and productivity, retain the best talent, and reduce absenteeism.

Why is a hybrid working company like WaySeven Technologies using Culturate recognition tools as an integral part of their culture?


"Receiving a Kudo might not seem like a lot, but it does make a world of difference to be recognized for the value you bring. Bonus: not only can you see which of your values are especially appreciated by your peers, but your understanding of what matters to the company can be rewarded based on the kudos you get!".

- WaySeven team

Broadcast the communication and employees` achievements

Recognize small wins and reward good work. You can experiment with broadcasting employees` regular achievements, not only by summarizing what they’ve been working on but by working toward broadcasting achievement information further: share it with other teams in their departments. A thriving hybrid work culture encourages further sharing and recognition of a job well done. 

Personalized and specific recognition of a job well done can go a long way to creating a positive work environment and loyalty. To attract and retain talent, you should make them feel appreciated, respected, and worthwhile.

Convey the heartbeat of the company

Each day in the office can be filled with hundreds of individual personal conversations to spread information. But it doesn’t scale when workforces are distributed, so you need to develop a culture of sharing company values to convey the heartbeat of the hybrid company.


Create personalized Kudos cards that resonate with each of the company`s values, rank them according to company colors, and create a positive and attractive hybrid work culture.



Make employees feel the alignment of their goals and aspirations with company goals

Rewards are always nice, but if employees feel undervalued and unappreciated, their absence will increase, and they will look for other employment. Make them feel that their presence and contribution are decisive in achieving objectives. Give them sincere feedback and praise, so they will genuinely feel that their contributions to the business are essential. Reduce employee turnover and maintain a fun hybrid work culture.



"What makes the Culturate Kudos so unique is that they don’t have to be public they can be used like personalized positive feedback from one employee to another. Even better, the kudos themselves can be set up according to company values and brand image, which makes it a million times easier to keep up that same sense of community we were missing.”


- Maja, WaySeven Technologies



Set it up with your favorite collaboration tool

Connect with the apps you are already using to ensure smooth communication.


Live on Slack, coming soon to Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.

Integrated with Google Calendar to make the communication within teams as smooth as possible.


No coding required.

Try Culturate for your team

● Compatible with your favorite collaboration tool.
● A 14-days free trial.
● No coding required.

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