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My Schedule and Weekly View

"My weekly Schedule" is a perfect feature if you would like to have a clear view of who will work in hybrid mode, remotely, or in-office.

Read the instructions below or watch a short video.

Within the "Office" filter, you can see exactly who will be available in the office and when. This way, you can easily decide when to come to the office and meet with team members. In-person meetings with a particular co-worker or the whole team are sometimes a better option, and with "My Weekly Schedule," you can see when is the best time to come to the office.

To make this possible and receive this data successfully, each team member must insert their own schedule. It is a very simple process; we drag and drop or edit the location data. Each team member can edit and set up their work location and available working hours within a few seconds. This way, every team member will have the general information of each co-worker.

You can also combine half days and different locations within the same working day, set up your vacation days, sick leave, or business absence, so everyone knows each other locations`.

When using Slack integration and Culturate workspace together, you can also see the working schedule and location here, right next to the team member's name. This information is updated every hour, so the work information of each co-worker is available at any time. When the work schedule is finished for the day, this icon disappears, and everyone knows who is off the clock.

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