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Bring more flexibility to your hybrid work culture

Embrace flexible work and create a positive employee experience.

Give your employees more control of their work schedules

My Schedule is a perfect tool to manage hybrid work culture and easily see availability, active hours, and opportunities to plan a meeting or organize a chat with your team.


Each team member can edit and set up their work location and available working hours within a few seconds. This way, every team member will have the general information of each co-worker. 

Combine half days and different locations within the same working day, set up your vacation days, sick leave, or business absence, so everyone knows each other locations`. Everyone can also see each team member's status live in Slack and check if they are available, to avoid bothering their deep focus time.


This tool enables you and your team to have a clear view of who will work in hybrid mode, remotely, or in-office and supports your teams to track their daily progress better.

Culturate Weekly Schedule - pic 1.PNG
Culturate My Schedule - pic 2.PNG

Make employee engagement a top priority

Old-school scheduling will not attract top talent. Assess the overall happiness of your new and current employees by fostering a flexible culture in the hybrid workplace.


Don`t lose out in the war for talent. Invest in establishing a solid work-life balance for your current and future employees by implementing flexible scheduling to increase employee satisfaction and recruit top talent for your business.


Improve employee satisfaction and boost their productivity

Give your employees the support to make their own work-related decisions and feel confident deciding when and how they work.


Trust your employees to decide when and where they work, and they will reward you with employee loyalty and higher productivity. Bring your team closer together and strengthen your culture in the hybrid workplace.


My Schedule tool is perfect for making your flexible hybrid workplace successful.

Ivana_W7 pic_testimonial.jpeg


“I use the scheduling app to see how many people will be in office, so I don’t spam the chat channels. Sometimes you need to be in a group, and sometimes you need to work alone – and the Schedule helps me decide if I want to go to the office on any given day!”


– Ivana, WaySeven



Set it up with your favorite collaboration tool

Connect with the apps you are already using to ensure smooth communication.


Live on Slack, coming soon to Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.

Integrated with Google Calendar to make the communication within teams as smooth as possible.


No coding required.

Try Culturate for your team

● Compatible with your favorite collaboration tool.
● A 14-days free trial.
● No coding required.

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