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Water Cooler

Why is Water Cooler such an excellent feature? It connects your employees and enables them to get to know each other, meet occasionally, and discuss topics related to challenges or innovation. The Water Cooler feature is excellent because it randomly connects people. It also improves the fast-paced onboarding process in the remote or hybrid working model. This feature successfully replaces the in-person chats by the water cooler or drinking coffee, which is now much more challenging than ever before. It supports and builds strong remote and hybrid culture.

Read the instructions below or watch a short video.

The Water Cooler feature can be used anytime – you can activate it occasionally or deactivate it when it is not needed. It can be used company-wide and can include everyone using Slack within the Culturate Workspace. If your team is not using Slack, you can add team members inside the Culturate application with the Invite Employee feature and they will be contacted via email.

At the top of the Water Cooler feature, the first option is to define group size, including from two to five employees. The second definition includes desired frequency, which can be monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or some other chosen by you.

The third step defines Water Cooler meeting start date, time, and end date. The frequency of reoccurring meetings is now determined. A note can be added as a message that will repeat every time the invitation is sent and will be seen 24 hours prior.

At the same time, groups and group organizers will be randomly formed, so there is always a person chosen to lead the meeting. The software automatically performs all further steps.

At the beginning of Water Cooler meetings, you can send this introduction to Water Cooler, which is sent to your Culturate channel within the Slack integration.


All the meeting details defined above are summarized here in the Water Cooler introduction. If you prefer a customized introduction, the option for a tailored message is always available for posting on desired Culturate channel.


The private group conversation within Slack is visible for the team chosen randomly. It includes all the randomly chosen members and the meeting organizer, who is in charge of the meeting.

Proper meeting organization is essential to successfully connect all the team members in person or virtually.

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