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Deepen relationships with your hybrid team members by recreating water cooler conversations and coffee chats

Strengthen your hybrid workspace network, deepen social connections, improve job satisfaction, and build psychological safety

Before using Culturate, the WaySeven hybrid team struggled with a lack of community and sharing. They overcame those challenges with Culturate solutions, enabling them to socialize and participate in the innovation pipeline simultaneously. The Water Cooler option has brought back the magic of on-the-go conversations with coworkers.

Connect employees creatively

Break the team bubble with cross-functional connections between different departments and geographical regions. This will broaden your hybrid workforce’s horizons, capitalizes on the diversity of experiences, and can get innovative ideas sparking.

Mix employees who would not normally interact, to meet virtually or in-person to get to know their roles in the company and one another. This will help you achieve better ROI by reducing turnover, improving onboarding, or promoting cross-functional collaboration globally.

Connect across the organization with ease

Organizations that provide opportunities for employees to develop workplace friendships and connect with one another find that their employees feel higher job satisfaction and psychological safety, all of which reduce employee turnover. Match employees with managers, peers, and executives to build relationships that support a strong sense of belonging to reduce turnover.

You can use the Water Cooler feature anytime – you can activate it occasionally or deactivate it when it is not needed. You can use it company-wide and include everyone using Slack within the Culturate Workspace.

Water Cooler - invitations stats.PNG

Develop new habits and reduce stress

Stay conscious of signs of stress in the hybrid workforce. Connect employees and help them develop habits to improve their emotional health and coping skills. Keep ideas and information flowing and create employee experience for those who work remotely, in-office, and for those who do both.

Recreate water cooler conversations and informal coffee chats in the hybrid work environment and make it easy for everyone to become involved at a level that’s meaningful to them. Culturate tools are an excellent way for team members to catch up with one another, for work or otherwise, through conversations in a program familiar to them and that they’re already using in their everyday workflow.



Set it up with your favorite collaboration tool

Connect with the apps you are already using to ensure smooth communication.


Live on Slack, coming soon to Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.

Integrated with Google Calendar to make the communication within teams as smooth as possible.


No coding required.

Try Culturate for your team

● Compatible with your favorite collaboration tool.
● A 14-days free trial.
● No coding required.

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