Keep your employees together even when they're apart

Culturate by Opti.Space helps your hybrid team to boost engagement, enhance virtual culture and improve communication

Solution that sits on top of your favourite tool.


It's not easy keeping employees together in a hybrid world

Informal communication is more difficult, information exchange aren't as obvious and productivity drops. After all, we're all human. 

Wouldn't it be helpful if you had a platform that keeps your team together even when they're spread out across multiple locations?


Culturate is your new way of creating and enhancing virtual culture


Culturate is an integrated SaaS productivity platform that helps hybrid workplaces achieve higher engagement and build virtual culture by increasing social interactions, meaningful relationships, recognitions and apprecation for one another.


Boost engagement

Missing some human touch in the hybrid world? We do. Our features such as “My connection place” will enable you to see in real time where your team members currently are, and to engage with them directly.


No matter, if you want to arrange a 1:1 meeting, after-work drinks or randomly mix your colleagues to meet each other and build camaraderie and collaboration.


Build virtual culture

Working remotely or in a hybrid way has taken it's toll on team dynamics and company culture. Build your culture by stimulating social interactions, build trust and form friendships by making it easy to launch coffees, group lunches, after work drinks, encourage team members to give kudos, meet for learning opportunities, and build important internal networks. 


Improve communication

Communication is key for a flourishing company culture. We make sure that all our communication channels are adapted to the hybrid world.


No matter if you are extrovert or introvert, our features are simplified and gamified at the same time, so everyone feels understood and can communicate in their preferred way.


Our Features

Meet our 6 main features

Your Connection Place

Empower employees and give them flexibility, see where your colleagues are working from in  map or locations view, engage with them, schedule 1 on 1, invite a group or just grab a coffee with them.


Give public or private Kudos all inside Slack or via email if you are not using Slack. Help your team celebrate wins and encourage recognition.

Real-time data

Get data you need for smart decisions such as level of engagement of your teams, interactions, productivity and more.

Your schedule

Give your colleagues flexibility to color their week with work locations in seconds, enable half days or different locations within the same day.


Culturate will randomly introduce and connect group of 2 to 5 people (your choice) on your desired start date, time and frequency directly in Slack or via email. 


Use the Slack plugin to ensure smooth and smart communication. Here are some others that are on our roadmap MS Teams, Google Hangouts.

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