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Create a positive hybrid culture 

Bring your teams together and enable them to communicate efficiently and frequently, wherever they are. 


PaaS & AI

Self-Machine-Learning Platform


Brussels HQ, Zurich, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Porto, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, München - EU


Anja_Zibert _foto.JPG

Anja Žibert 

AxonJay, HR Tribe Leader

"AxonJay tribe members are located in remote offices all around Europe.


With Culturate, we can always see when and where someone is available to share work-related information or simply for a friendly chat. So even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other, we can maintain a strong bond between us, and that's all that counts"

AxonJay is an AI tech company that developed a trailblazing & unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform, which reveals & predicts companies' true behavior in real-time.

AxonJay's tribe, as the team members call themselves, operates entirely remotely. The company's headquarters and co-living space are in Brussels, Belgium, with employees working in various European countries. They live together in Brussels one week per month.

HR is one of the industries AxonJay is tackling. AxonJay offers:

Company Hire Prediction (CHP)
Predict which company in the defined market will hire/lay off people ranked from the most likely to the least likely, based on signals and triggers revealing their true behavior within their digital ecosystem.

Company Position Prediction (CPP)
Predicts which position in the market will be the hottest in the near future based on companies' true behavior in their digital ecosystem.

Company-Candidate Matching (CCM)
Enables the upload of CVs on the Self-Machine-Learning Platform to match them with future positions or hiring companies allowing candidates to beat the market.

HR was also profoundly affected by the pandemic. This is where Culturate steps in. AxonJay started using the Culturate platform to stay connected, motivated, and be able to celebrate each other's contributions.  

Culturate solutions help AxonJay's tribe members maintain a strong and positive virtual culture, boost engagement, and support their autonomy and inclusiveness. They express appreciation for each other and celebrate a job well done with Kudos cards, publicly or privately, and recognize contributions in line with the company's core values.  

Each tribe member can mark where they will be working on which day (home office, company office, business trip, etc.) and thus let their co-workers know when and where they will be available. They can also connect in real-time in a common physical location to work together or for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee or another virtual type of meeting.   


The two companies, Culturate and AxonJax, were both founded during the pandemic, and both share common values – relationships, integrity, human connection, and creating solutions for the greater good.  


AxonJay integrated the Culturate platform into their everyday activities to build friendships, strengthen team spirit, drive productivity, and increase employee engagement in this inclusive work environment.

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