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Keep your hybrid work culture healthy with a clear overview of employee engagement

Create new norms, habits, expectations, and processes for your hybrid team

WaySeven employees use the privilege of flexible work hours and, as part of company culture, we promoted working in remote/hybrid mode way before Covid 19 pandemic. Challenges like team collaboration, coordinating team meetings, and keeping employees focused on business goals were the most difficult, but they found their solution with Culturate.

Promote a healthy work-life balance

Set a clear definition and acknowledgment of everyone’s tasks and responsibilities, having precise time schedules without intersecting with anyone’s personal life. Encourage employees to grow their habits and focus on their quality time.


As a leader, make clear boundaries when work starts and ends. You can set working guidelines but let employees manage their own schedule and set their current work status at specific times.

Reduce the informational noise

Culturate tools eliminate the use of emails and help keep all employees informed about the progress of their colleagues. Employees can easily update others without sending emails or explaining too many details. The most important are the real-time updates that will keep everyone on the same page regarding the progress of team tasks and get the job done.

Monthly View Calendar.PNG

Encourage days off and vacations.

Foster work-life balance also by encouraging employees to take days off and vacations. The key is to make that process as easy as possible. When the process is easy and accessible, employees will feel less stressed about requesting some time off. They simply set their own time off or absence or combine half days with the My Schedule tool. Most importantly, everyone can see the scheduled status, so everyone is informed about the time off. Easy for the managers, easy for the employees.

Monthly View Calendar.PNG


»Thanks to the brilliant team behind product Culturate, I have a solution to some of those challenges. My teams have a habit of updating work plans, using the My schedule feature on Cuturate for seven days upfront. This makes it easy to organize team meetings online or live, in offices, by simply filtering my desired team in Weekly schedule view.«


– Dejan Balaban, Product Director, WaySeven



Set it up with your favorite collaboration tool

Connect with the apps you are already using to ensure smooth communication.


Live on Slack, coming soon to Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.

Integrated with Google Calendar to make the communication within teams as smooth as possible.


No coding required.

Try Culturate for your team

● Compatible with your favorite collaboration tool.
● A 14-days free trial.
● No coding required.

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